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Did you know?

  • A Coordinator can often save you more than their fee through industry savings, and partnership discounts.
  • Some coordination packages include help coordinating rentals and often pass along their discount.
  • Planners and Coordinators are well versed on all aspects of a wedding, and understand the intricate role each vendor play on your big day.  Great care and consideration is taken, in respect to each vendor’s art, balancing timelines, budgets and the overall flow of the event.  The cost may seem high when you look at your budget, but in the end the rewards of hiring a qualified, experienced pro are priceless.  Think of it this way, your Planner/Coordinator is like the project manager, and each pro is highly skilled in their own art.


  • Take caution to understand what exactly in included when venues and vendors use the term day-of coordinator included. Most have the best intentions and are simply offering to help you with referrals, a basic event timeline and possibly rental coordination.  But it is important to remember their first responsibility will always be to the job you hired them to do.  For example, a venue coordinator is focused on anything related to the venue.  Photographers are capturing priceless moments; do you really want them pulled away to handle unrelated tasks that can throw off the timing?  A caterer is setting tables, buffet, preparing the food, servicing the bar, bussing, and so much more - being pulled away from their primary tasks can mean compromising the integrity of the food, and delay the timing. DJ’s play an important role of setting the vibe, and announcements to keep the guests in the know – having to place the music on auto drive while he/she “helps out” when things go wrong pulls them away from reading the crowd and doing the job they were hired to do.  Ever hear the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none”?  You are spending thousands of dollars, even for a simple wedding, would you rather have a vendor who says they do it all, or a team that works in tandem to achieve your vision? 

      Hi there!  It seems this year we [industry pros] are hearing more confusion about what day-of service is, and isn’t, than in years past.  So, thought I would take a moment to offer engaged couples a little help navigating the many wedding service options available. 

      Let’s start with the term Day of Coordinator or DOC. It is important to understand this term is used loosely as there is no such thing as strictly coordinating the day of.  Why? Because to coordinate your big day requires understanding you as a couple, your wishes, expectations, what services you contracted with each vendor, and serving as the single point of contact acting on your behalf. To properly prepare to be an extension on you on your big day takes time.  This is why you see “month-of”, “3 months before”, or, “a few months before”, package options.

     More to the point, the endless tasks and duties of a Coordinator extend far beyond what you would even think about – and that my friends is exactly the reason you hire one!  Because the Coordinator understand you, and all the elements involved within your wedding, an experienced Coordinator is prepared to handle issues and the unexpected without a second thought. And they are likely so stealth you will never even know there was a problem.  Think back to the weddings you have attended – which ones were smooth flowing, and which had obvious hick-ups – it becomes easy to tell which ones had a qualified Coordinator helping them.   The idea of a coordinator is not to be the hero who saves the day, it is to prevent issues so you can enjoy your day!

     In short, Day-of Coordinators only became a thing in the last few years, for good reason.  Many couples choose to plan their wedding on their own for a variety of reasons, but in the end, having someone who can navigate the unexpected, and keep everything on track is obviously a huge benefit and lessens the stress couples experience when a Planner is not part of the process.  A DOC is your right hand, your advocate, and your solution to enjoying your big day worry free!

   For this part, I have included a chart with the common phrases we [industry pros] hear from couples, and the type of service it really means.