THE REAL VALUE:  What you get for your money - Part 1

Let’s start with the facts:

  • Each vendor you choose to hire has a specialty.  Sure, there are some who claim to be a jack of all trades, but don't you want someone who is the master of one for your wedding?  
  • A Planner/Coordinator fully understands what each vendor’s art brings to your event. Navigating the contracts, understanding how their service will balance with you budget, vision, wishes and personality.  
  • On the big day, your dedicated Planner/Coordinator ensures each vendor is providing the service standards you paid for.
  • Coordinating a vendor team takes a tactful approach to unite the entire team to work as one united village to bring your vision to life!

​​By nature, wedding vendors truly want to make you happy and exceed your expectations. And, why wouldn't we? Your happiness progresses our business!  

    • For this reason, each may offer to help with timelines, layouts, rentals, and similar elements that relate to their art.  
    • However, these well-intentioned vendors are operating from their perspective.  
    • A Planner/Coordinator is operating as your personal advocate. 

      Before hiring any vendor:

  • Check for current, consistently good reviews.
  • Always check references and/or reviews for validity.
  • Meet them in person.
  • Ask about their experience level
  • Do they have a business license?
  • Are they insured?
  • Is this a full time profession, or a side job/hobby?
  • Trust your gut. The lowest bidder may not be the best choice for the one day you can't do over!

What does a Coordinator/Planner do?

 Think of your planner/coordinator as your personal project manager.  Every element of your wedding will be carefully reviewed and managed to meet your needs and wishes.

  • Remains 100% focused on your wedding vision and needs.
  • Gives you access to a vast network of vetted industry pros, saving you a lot of time scouring the web.
  • Becomes your trusted, go-to person, and confidant.
  • Are skilled at navigating and managing well intentioned helpful input to ensure your wishes are adhered to.
  • Helps you keep your budget in check and helps you find areas to save money. 
  • ​Takes the guesswork out of planning your wedding.
  • Partners with you to help you choose the right blend of services/vendors; then seamlessly manages the details and logistics to create a smooth flow on your big day!  


Great question!  We get it, there is a lot of information floating around the internet on this topic. 

So, we will just provide you with the facts so you can make your own informed decision.  

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THE REAL VALUE:  What you get for your money - Part 2

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